Online now also available!

What you need to do:

* Fill out a Questionnaire regarding house details and about key areas of concern that you wish to address.

* Provide a house plan on an A4 page with the date the house was built

What I will do for you:

* Assess the questionnaire and gain an understanding of where I can best help.

* I will go to your house and perform an audit. This will involve entering the house and yard, entering each room and taking a compass reading. 

* Taking key photos with your permission for reference in my report.

* A full documented report with a room by room analysis of the home, what it means for your health, wealth, relationships etc. and point by point remedies to put in place.

* Design points to create a warm and loving

feel within the home. 

e.g. colour recommendations etc. 


*A reading of electromagnetic Fields in key rooms which you spend time.

* A visual diagram and map of your home, the different sectors and what they relate to.

* A free gift & Qi Gong exercise specific to your health needs.

Email Emma on Phone

0437 215 322 to get started with a revamp of your health and home.

Cost: $200

Online also available

Gift vouchers available