why you need a healthy home

Treatment for health conditions is one thing. But can you agree that exercise, the foods we eat and our social connections also play a part?

What about our environments too?

Research has shown links between damp homes with health conditions. WIFI and EMF radiation is another factor.

Traditionally in China, Feng Shui was a tool used alongside Chinese Medicine to rebalance the living environment to promote, happiness, health, wealth and all aspects of life

Do you feel grumpy, irritated or hormonally out of balance? Have you considered your living environment as a factor?

feng shui

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It is not magic or a religion. It is an ancient science based on the fundamental universal law that everything is made of energy (Qi). Quantum mechanics confirms many of these principles. 


The Feng Shui of a home can give adverse or positive effects on those who spend the most time in the area. 


If the SW sector of a home is not in balance this may have a direct effect on the belly, womb, digestion and affect the dominant female of the home. 


Remedies would be put in place such as certain colours, layout of furniture and design ideas to balance this. This would be of an even higher concern if the person was to sleep in this room. This EXTREMELY simplified.






How do you feel when you see the colour yellow vs black? 


Have you ever walked into a home and thought it ‘homely’ or a Chinese Garden and felt ‘immediately at peace’


What about modern Feng Shui? What affects is your wifi modem having on you? And where is this positioned in the home?

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