How does it work?

* MRI studies show pain associated areas of the brain were modulated after insertion of acupuncture needles at key locations. The reduction in pain lasted even when the needles were removed.

* Acupuncture may modify endorphins and serotonin release helping modify mood and pain

* Acupuncture may promote blood flow to the injured area. Blood carries oxygen, healing nutrients and anti-inflammatory markers assisting reduction of pain

How many sessions do I need?

* This depends on the severity. 

* A lot of people feel instant relief with one session

* 3-4 sessions is recommended for lasting results. 

* Some more difficult cases will take multiple sessions to completely resolve

What pain can it treat?

Neck and back pain, sciatica, knee osteoarthritis, plantar fascitis, migraines, stomach and period pain, tennis elbow, sporting injuries, carpal tunnel

The bonus?

* Easy & quick. No need for at home exercises

* You receive a full holistic body check-up

* Acupuncture may give added effects such as increased energy, relaxation, aid

  digestion, sleep, hot flushes and more.



Simple. 100% natural. Effective. 

100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with your first session