Form School:

Form School focuses on landscapes, mountain ranges, contours, location of water etc. It focuses on the form of objects and landscapes in relation to a building and in ancient times was the basis of where to erect a new city or settlement. Every object in form school can also be categorized into one of the 5 elements.


Compass School:

Compass school is a simplified version of Feng Shui and was traditionally given to foreigners in ancient China as a way to protect against them using chinas secrets to become too powerful.


Knowledge from the ancient I-Ching (the book of changes) is the premise for compass school. It uses the bagua to divide a property into 8 sections relative to the compass directions. Each section relates to different aspects eg. career, relationships etc.


Flying Star School:

This is the most difficult and comprehensive form of Feng Shui. In ancient China students had to earn the right to learn this knowledge after following a master. Flying star school uses the fundamental science of mathematics as a basis for its analysis. It connects the other schools of Feng Shui utilizing all aspects to truly bring the art alive.


In Chinese tradition there is the concept of the ‘3 lucks’.


Universal luck is your destiny and what you are born into, it relates to factors prior to birth eg. genetics, karma etc.


Earth luck is how the environment affects us. It is about the weather, landscapes, architectural forms, birth location and political environments. This is where Feng Shui comes in.


Man luck is possibly the most important and what we have the most control over. It relates to hard work, attitude, determination, education and how charitable a person is etc.


Man luck is required for Feng Shui to work its best