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Acupuncture in Pregnancy 

Acupuncture once a week for the first 12 weeks can reduce chance of miscarriage. 

Anxiety and stress is a common problem in to-be mothers. Research confirms a calm mind is of paramount importance in a successful pregnancy.


Acupuncture in the first weeks of pregnancy not only ensures prevention of miscarraige  and a calm mind but also ensures a strong fetul pole (heart rate). It benefits the stability and growth of the baby as well as the mothers mental and physical health. 


Let your first childs gift, be the gift of vitality, strength and health for the future.


Labor Preparation

Acupuncture from week 34 reduces

labor duration and

emergency procedures.

Research says receiving acupuncture 5 weeks before labor on a weekly basis reduces labour duration.  Acupuncture in these prior weeks can also reduce risk of emergency operations and forced inductions.


The proposed mechanism behind this, is that acupuncture can help in the loosening of tendons and with ripening of the cervix. It can also aid the emotional component of anxious mothers going through new experiences. 

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Moxa 6 weeks before labour is believed to be 75-85% effective in treating breech position.

Moxa is the process of burning herbal compounds close to the skin. It has a warming and therapeutic action and looks similar to a large inscense stick. It can be manually applied through a stick or mounted on the end of an acupuncture needle and left to burn. 


Moxa is most commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture. 


Research has shown, in pregnancy, that moxa combined with acupuncture 6 weeks prior to the due date can treat breech position of the fetus. This process stimulates biochemical processes involved with turning of the baby, it is believed to be 75-80% effective.




TCM offers a natural alternative and is about internal balance. HRT is about external hormone replacement. 

Menopausal symptoms occur when the hormones estrogen and progesterone decrease. Symptoms may include hot flushes, night sweats, low energy, insomnia, stress, decreased libido and skin and hair dryness.  


As the body ages and becomes depleted, herbs are often used in conjunction with acupuncture to further nourish and boost the bodies deficiency.


Acupuncture is believed to have a regulatory effect on the dilation of blood vessels which causes hot flushes. It can also regulate hormones and release endorphins from the body.


Diet therapy will also be discussed as it is also key to managing menopause and restoring the bodies balance. 

Digestive Disorders

Listen to the warning signs. Digestion is the root of health

Emma has had much experience and sucess in treating digestive disorders such as IBS, diarrhea and constipation. Treatment for long term conditions are scheduled weekly, duration depends on the history of illness. Herbs are used as a suppliment along with acupuncture and dietary advice.


TCM has a very unique and important understanding of digestive functions and believes it is of paramount importance to other health related issuess. After all, nutrietns are absorbed from digestion and this is what ensures correct bodily function as a whole.





The fundamental principle of Chinese Medicine is to encourage the smooth movement of 'Qi' (energy) and blood around the body. Cupping is the placement of either plastic or glass cups on the skin that acts as a vaccum and suction. They draw stagnant 'bad' blood to the surface and release toxins from the body. Cups can either be left immobile or be slid up and down the body with massage oil.


Guasha has a similar concept to cupping and aims to unblock the bodies circulation. Originally this was reffered to as 'scraping' and performed with a chinese soup spoon lubricated with oil. Today plastic guasha tools have been made. The process is pain free.