Acupuncture is a method used in China for thousands of years. In china, acupuncture is used at hospitals in gynaecology, gastroenterology, cardiology, respiratory, oncology departments and more.


The method of acupuncture involves inserting small, very thin needles into certain parts of the body called acu-points. The needle is as thin as a human hair and pain free. Stimulation of these points triggers biochemical and physiological reactions in the body that assist in restoring health.      


 The key philosophy to acupuncture is the concept of Qi (vital energy). This energy is in all beings. Just as western science understands energy and the observations of continuous movement, so also does Chinese Medicine, but the name given is ‘Qi’.


Translation in history has also noted qi as 'oxygen'. TCM is about the movement of oxygen and blood through the body.


Qi flows through meridians in the body. If Qi becomes blocked, disharmony will result. The aim of acupuncture is to harmonize this cyclical rhythm and restore health.  The treatment varies to western medicine in the way it is individualized for each patient. Diagnosis involves observing the tongue and feeling the pulse. This diagnosis allows a unique treatment plan designed perfectly for YOU and YOUR health. No two human beings are the same!.


Chinese Herbal medicine is an ancient art involving the use of medicinal plants. Herbs can be classified in 2 categories, those which are food substances and used abundantly and those which are taken more sparingly with stronger medicinal properties prescribed by a TCM practitioner.


In general, herbs are prescribed in a formula tailored to the individuals needs, however they can also be taken individually. The 3 ways of prescribing herbs are a) in their raw form (eg. roots and flowers etc which may be boiled and prepared at home into a liquid) b) in a granulated powder form which is dissolved into hot water and drunk like a tea and c) in a pill form taken and swallowed as a tablet.


Natural products like herbs are of benefit to our body as they assist in aiding our body to heal itself. In this way there is also reduced side effects compared to western pharmaceutical methods.


At the current time, Chinese herbal medicine is leading the way in herbal research due to its long history of use in ancient china and its continued effects up unitl today. Evidence gathered has suggested herbs are able to act on differing receptors in the body and cause biochemical changes as well as regulate hormones. 


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