Volunteering in Nepal

I have been volunteering in Nepal with the acupuncture relief project www.acupuncturereliefproject.org for 2 and a half months.

This is a short snippet of my time there. Such an amazing experience helping those who are really in need and also improving my own skills! Thank you to all of those who supported me in this venture.


The morning sunlight, through a gap in my curtain reaches onto my bed and teases my skin.

I look outside the window to see beautiful blue sky above our mountain protected valley.

Since last time, there is more yellow in the fields and the mustard flowers are coming into season.

I am glad we are back in Bajarah.

The noisy bikes, trucks and polluted air of Kathmandu is left behind.

I hear a rooster crow in the distance. If you are quiet, you can also hear a buffalo – somewhere - munch his grass.

With a tub of water I am squatting on the roof doing my washing in the fresh morning air and not-yet-hot sun.

Scrubbing scrubbing, I look across the dusty road and see a lady in a house leaning over her balcony hanging her washing in the sunlight.

She turns, and in Nepali scolds her son who is pinching his younger sister and who has now erupted in tears.

Connected by a common understanding of humanity and of our daily chores,

We look at each other and smile.

Acupuncture Nepal

A shop near by has just opened.

Uplifting Nepali music bounces through the village and dives into open windows as the town slowly awakens…

In the shop, I can see the middle aged man dust his counter as he prepares for a days work.

He happily hums to himself in the mornings soon-to-be-warmth.

In Australia, on the other side of the world, the same sun shines.

-A young surfer rises early, he bobs his head to funky tunes as he loads his surfboard to the car.

Over my balcony there is a big grassy oval.

Litter flickers silver in the sun.

On the oval there are two young men playing with a new motorbike.

There is one female with a baby in her arms, standing nonchalantly behind them.

Countries and cultures are different, but humans are the same.

A smile brings joy and connection.

Morning sunshine and music awakens spirits and inspires song.

Chores still exist, children still cry and men still like motorbikes.

Patients still come to clinics.

In Nepal, with feet as cracked and worn as the earth, and patterned materials as vibrant as the mustard flowered fields.

In Australia, patients come.

With short shorts, pink painted nails, sunglasses and thongs.

Acupuncture Nepal

Through deep brown eyes ensconced with wrinkles,

or through bright blue eyes laced with mascara

With hope, trust and respect

No matter the country, our patients come in search of a listening ear and compassionate heart.

From the mountainous valleys of Nepal,

to the sparkling beaches of Australia,

cultures and landscapes my differ,

However, the state of being 'human' connects us.

The face of a frantic mum or the weary face of a hard worked farmer

shares the same story.

Like one melody penetrates many souls,

Common humanity allows our universal hearts to beat as one.

I tip out my tub of dirty water.

The lady across the road has finished her washing also.

Her children have quietened and she reclines in the shade to sip her tea.

From her balcony, she glances at me.

I hold up my tea cup,

And together we drink as the morning sunshine begins to scorch the village.

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